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Introduction to Neurobiology

This website serves the sections of Introduction to Neurobiology taught by Dr. Michael Markham at the University of Oklahoma. This course emphasizes basic operational principles of neural systems and how neural systems control behavior. A major objective is for students students to master key "linchpin" concepts that are often difficult to comprehend at the introductory level. We will accomplish this through a highly interactive class that requires active particpation from all students.


ReadingsAll the reading materials required for the course, including the syllabus, required texts, and scientific articles. All are in electronic format and no textbook purchase is necessary. Activities / AssignmentsInformation, descriptions, and guides needed for all class assignments, in-class activities, and homework assignments.
LecturesCopies of the lecture powerpoint slides to make your in-class note taking a breeze. ResourcesResources you will need to complete course assignments and activities
LinksLinks to interesting and useful neuroscience stuff on the web. About The CourseInformation about your instructor, as well as the "teaching philosophy" behind this course
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