Introduction to Neurobiology - BIOL3833

Activities and Assignments

Last updated: August 28, 2017 Class activities will include homework assignments and in-class activities. The course also will include a mixutre of individual and group activities. This page will be updated frequently as I post instructions and gudelines for the upcoming in-class and homework activities. Be sure to keep up to date on the schedule of assignments that is regularly updated on Canvas

Week 2 - Passive Property Simulations

We will complete several simulations of neural membrane function In class. For your homework you will be running a series of simulations to help you better understand the effects of membrane resistance and capacitance on the ways that membranes process information. Download and unzip this folder, which includes the instructions and the required simulation files that you will load using the Electrophysiology of the Neuron software.

Week 4 - Ion gradient and Ion channel Simulations

We will complete another set of simulations in class to help reinforce your understanding of ion gradients, equilibrium potential, and ion channel function.

Week 5 - The action potential

Simulations are essential to understanding the nuances of the action potential. Computational simulations reveal interactions that no one can measure directly. So - we will rely heavily on simluations for this unit. Files you will need:

Week 6: Ion channels part 2

An in-depth examination of the new ion channel types we introduced this week.

Week 7a: Ion channels part 2 (continued)

The simulations from Week 6 will continue.

Week 7b: Action Potential Part 2

Week 8: Action Potential Ultimate Understanding

Week 11: Synaptic transmission

Week 12: Synaptic transmission (continued)


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